Handy Ipad Tips for Today

We love our new iPads and after using them for a few weeks, we’ve discovered some handy tips that we would like to share:

– When typing, try turning the iPad horizontal (wide) to make the keyboard larger.

– You can save a ton of time by adding your most visited websites to your home screen. Just go to the website you want, then click the + sign next to the URL. Press on the “Add to Home Screen” option. The website will now be an icon on your homepage.

Try this example: http://www.playscreen.com/iphone/videopoker/index.htm

– To navigate to the top of any webpage: just tap on the title bar.

– If you need to delete a large area of text in Notes or any other text applications: just use the copy and paste functionality to select the text and then just cut the selected text.

– Use the Notes application and jot down your thoughts as they happen. I make sure the iPad is next to my nightstand so as my ideas come to me late at night I can quickly record them. Email them back to yourself to save or transfer to a computer.

– Here’s a quick way to mute music or audio: Simply hold down the volume button for about two seconds. This will mute your iPad.

– Put your 6 most used applications on bottom tray of your iPad.

– Here’s a way of quickly entering a period – When entering text, instead of typing a period then a space at the end of a sentence, simply press Space twice and the period is inserted automatically.

– Lock That Rotation: Move the switch, just above the volume controls, down to lock screen rotation.

– How about a apostrophe shortcut: Press and hold the comma key. A pop-up appears with the apostrophe highlighted.

– Want to always see the Bookmarks Bar in Safari? Just go to Settings > Safari and turn on the “Always Show Bookmarks Bar” option.

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