Is the iPad on Target to Outsell the iPhone?

Historically, it is doing just that.
<blockquote>Apple says it has sold 1 million iPads just 28 days after the Wi-Fi version of the product was released last month. The tablet is selling at twice the rate of the first iPhone model, which took 74 days to reach a million sales when it came out in 2007.</blockquote>
1. Many people are sick and tired of traditional computing environments. These people just want to surf the web, read emails, maybe compose a document or view photos. They prefer a ‘appliance-like’ experience.

2. I really believe that the iPad could be a great educational device. The interface seems to be more natural for young children. You can see examples of children as young as 2 and 1/2 years old using the device (Hint to Apple: Build a ruggedized version for schools and parents.)

Some background on this:

I left the role of VP of Activision in 1994 to join Lightspan, a startup initially funded to to build a curriculum in math and language arts for schools and homes running on television set-top boxes. When it was clear, by the end of 1995, that the tech wasn’t ready, we jumped on the new Sony Playstation video game system.

Not many days go buy when I don’t wonder what it would be like to be sitting in Santa Monica right now at Activision HQ, but I joined Lightspan because I wanted to make a change in education.

Well, I feel the iPad and future devices like it, have a real potential to transform education.

Here’s why.

Traditionally computer based instruction has exceeded at Drill and Assessment. Often wrapped up in a game environment, these exercises do a great job of review and reenforcement of subject matter.

Where I think the iPad can break new ground is in modeling concepts via manipulatable objects. Imagine covering fractions with models that can be moved and dragged with the multi-touch interface.

This is just one example where the iPad is breaking new ground.

– William Volk

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