Why the Apple Tablet Matters to Gamers

In two days we’ll know all about the Apple Tablet. Here’s some predictions:

1. The Tablet will run existing iPhone apps (ones that run on OS 3.1) and will scale them to full screen.

2. The display will match laptop resolutions.

3. It will have its own category in Apple’s App Store.

4. It will have WiFi, probabily Bluetooth and perhaps cellular connections.

5. It will support higher speed 3D graphics than the current iPod touch and iPhone 3G.

Why does this matter to gamers?

Well, in my 30 years (has it really been that long?) in the game business, the App Store has created the largest volume of game releases ever seen and the quality has increased dramatically. There are 1000′s of 99¢ games that have great quality and titles for under $5 that match anything on a handheld.

What the Tablet will do is open the platform up for the sort of games you would play on a PC/Mac.

The not so secret secret is that the PC Game market is limited by the expense of publishing and distribution. In the same way the iPhone changed mobile game publishing, you can expect to see the same thing happen in the PC game space … as these developers and publishers bring their titles (and create originals) for the tablet.

I suspect you’ll see the majors (Actvision, EA etc..) as well as the indies.

Oh and World of Warcraft at the announcement? A very good possibility.

Now visits to the bathroom will no longer be an excuse for WoW addicts to stop playing. <img alt=”:-)” src=”http://www.playscreen.com/ps/blog/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif&#8221; />

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