PlayScreen Poker 2

NOW WITH $20,000 FREE CHIPS! More than a game, a LIFESTYLE. Play Poker ANYTIME/ANYWHERE with PlayScreen Poker.

Make your mark in Poker by PlayScreen, the BEST Poker game for the iPhone. Created by people who love playing poker. Connect with Facebook OR Game Center. You can even play on a airplane.

Poker by PlayScreen allows you, the player, to defy the odds and create a path that leads your poker career to the very top,. Go from a brand new amateur player,with nothing, to living a the lifestyle of the rich and famous as the best poker player in the world. Your skills will allow you to live the good life with luxurious cars and jets, mansions, yachts, and even your own entourage. But it’s not going to be easy! There are plenty of other players that will be coming after you for that very spot. Are you ready for the challenge?

  • -New Puzzles Daily based on current events, geography and more.
  • -Difficulty level, manually or automatically adjusted, Crickler adapts to YOU.
  • -Multi-tasking…Crickler always remembers where you left off.
  • -Play several puzzles at the same time, even when not connected.
  • – Hints available as well
  • -Read each clue carefully to look for anything that may help you come up with the missing word/answer.
  • -Solve the easy clues first, to help save your Hints.
  • -If you are unsure of how you should adjust the handicap, have no worries, the game will adjust to you automatically.

Clues: Displayed as sentences and are numbered. Each clue has a missing word(s)

Hint: Hints can be used to give you a letter for a specific word and the other words that have the letter. Using too many of them will cause for a higher handicap level so don’t can’t carried away.

Handicap: Portrays your skill level. The lower the handicap, the better Crickler player you are.

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