Word Carnivale

Download and play for FREE today against all of your friends and family!

Players Say: “It’s (That Jewel Game) with Words!” … “It’s different from other word games.” … “I can’t put it down.”

In Word Carnivale you’re pitted against your friends in a best of three contest to find the most high scoring words. Unlike a conventional word-finding game, Carnivale has the added dimension of balloon letters popping off the screen as you find words to play. Letters flowing in remind players of classic games such as Tetris.

In Carnivale speed and strategy matter. Word Carnivale isn’t about trying to find obscure words. It’s about speed and the strategy of bringing in new letters and forming new combinations.

Word Carnivale is a ‘universal’ app that takes full advantage of the iPhone and iPad displays. Featuring bright and cheery retina graphics on all capable iOS devices.

Word Carnivale is truly free. No credits, No coins. Nothing to buy.

Carnivale is Easy to Play but Hard to Master

We’ve simplified the entire game experience. The game opens with a quick play game introduction and features an extensive in-game tutorial.

Moving beyond the endless annoying coin based in-app freemium play, Word Carnivale offers players two simple options:

Ad supported. Interstitial ads after each round. No banners, no distractions.
Just one simple in-app purchase turns off ads.

Social network support for Facebook, Twitter and your Contacts make it easy to start a game with any of your friends – OR – opt to play a random opponent. The choice is yours.

In-Game chat, player profiles … everything you expect in a iOS social game, executed to perfection in Word Carnivale.

The music and imagery will bring back that Old Time Carnivale experience on your iOS device.

Word Carnivale Needs:

-A network connection.
-OS 4.3 or later.
-One of these: An iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 3rd or 4th gen, Any iPad.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Behold The Most Addictive Word Game Yet!

Are you playing Find-The-Word games more, but enjoying it less? Bored from staring at the same block of letters. Well step right up to the Word Carnivale my friend. POP the lettered balloons and watch as new ones float up! New possibilities appear with every swipe. Challenge your friends to a best of three contest with that old-time Carnivale flair.

Race the clock to get as many points as possible. Spell the most words or longest words, or a mix of both, in order to add time bonuses to keep the rounds going longer. The longer your round lasts the more points you’ll rack up!

Log in through Facebook for the best game experience!

Step Right Right Up! is where you go to create a game. You can do this through a Facebook Search, as long as you are logged in through Facebook, which is recommended. You can also do this by searching through Email, Username, Contacts, or Random Opponent. If the person you would like to play does not have the game, simply invite them through email, SMS, or Facebook

In Progress and Past Games tabs break down if a game is live or has been finished.

My Profile takes an in-depth look at your statistics acquired from your game history.

POP! gives you one chance per round to clear the board. Use this if you’re stuck.

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