Christmas Capture

Christmas Capture

Oh no!  The Snowman is trying to run away.   Can you out-smart the Snowman and capture him?  The task is not easy. If the Snowman makes it off the ice he’s a goner. So place your gifts to carefully to block his escape.   Your score depends on how quickly you can capture the Snowman. So get going and be the first to capture him.

Christmas Capture is a challenging strategy game where you attempt to capture the Snowman by dropping gift boxes on a classic strategy game hexagonal map.  At first this looks easy, but as you progress to higher levels the Snowman will learn from his mistakes and there will be less gift boxes left around from other explorers to trap him.   The unique interface allows you to accurately select any hex and place a blocking gift. Easy to play and yet very challenging to beat, Christmas Capture will give you hours and hours of great game play. Christmas Capture also features an automatic game save, so you can come back to your game in progress at any time. You can also manually save up to three games as well.


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