Stick Figure Movie Trivia

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The Very Best Movie Trivia Game you’ve ever seen.

PlayScreen presents … Stick Figure Movie Trivia, . If you Like Movies, you’ll LOVE Stick Figure Movie Trivia! Identify the movie from a stick figure drawing of a famous scene.

√ Simple and Fun!
Free, no need to register. Start playing IMMEDIATELY! Simple interface makes it fast and fun to solve each puzzle.

√ Challenges Your Movie Knowledge.
Can you identify a movie from a stick figure drawing? Stick Figure Movie Trivia starts easy, but don’t be fooled, with over 100 movies you may get stuck. No problem, hints are always available.

√ The Fun Never Ends!
Frequent Updates with New Movies added all the time. Got suggestions? Send them in!

√ Amazing Art!
You’ll love recognizing scenes from your favorite film with these amazing artistic depictions of the key moments from the movies you love.


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