What’s The Baby Animal?

Everyone loves Baby Animals, but how well do you know them? What’s The Baby Animal? is all about kittens, puppies, chicks, ducklings and other adorable animals. It’s OTTER-ly fun, you’ll smile, and you might just learn something.

1_iPhone_6plus 2_iPhone_6plus  4_iPhone_6plus 5_iPhone_6plus

Just tap on the letters to identify the name of the animal. If you get stuck trying to FERRET out an answer, you can reveal, remove a letter or get a text hint. So quit LION around and play What’s The Baby Animal? today.

Features Include:

√ 100 Cute Baby Animals to challenge your knowledge and delight you!

√ Simple and Fun!
Free, no need to register. Start playing IMMEDIATELY! Simple interface makes it fast and fun to solve each puzzle.

√ Hints to Help You.
Reveal or remove a letter. Ask for a text hint.

√ The Fun Never Ends!
Have your family and friends test their animal smarts.

√ Share With Friends.
Ask for help from friends and/or celebrate your skills with your social network.

√ Kittens, Puppies Bunnies and Birds!

√ All Your Favorite Baby Animals and New Ones Too.

√ Amazing Animals From Around The World.

Hours of fun and joy await you, your family and friends.


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